Odd Thomas Books in Order

The author of the book series Odd Thomas is American author Dean Koontz. The books revolve around the character of the Odd Thomas who is a cook.

This series was lauded by the critics and many books in this series have become the bestseller in the New York Times.

Odd Thomas Books in Order (9 Books)

  1. Odd Thomas (2003)
  2. Forever Odd (2005)
  3. Brother Odd (2006)
  4. Odd Hours (2008)
  5. Odd Interlude (2012)
  6. Odd Apocalypse (2012)
  7. Deeply Odd (2013)
  8. You Are Destined To Be Together Forever (2014)
  9. Saint Odd (2015)

Odd Thomas Graphic Novels Books in Order (3 Books)

  1. In Odd We Trust (2008)
  2. Odd Is on Our Side (2010)
  3. House of Odd (2012)

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