Susan Wiggs Book Series in Order

Susan Wiggs was born on 17th May 1958. She is one of the renowned authors of contemporary and historical romance books. Her first book was published in 1987 and named Texas Wildflower. Her many novels are translated into languages like French, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, German, Latvian and Hungarian.

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Robert Ludlum Books In Order

Robert Ludlum was born on 25th May and has written more than 27 thriller novels. He is popular for Jason Bourne’s fictional character from the Bourne Trilogy series. This book series is published in 33 languages in 40 countries. He has also written many books under the pseudonyms, Michael Shepherd and Jonathan Ryder.

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Brad Meltzer Books In Order

Brad Meltzer was born on 1st April 1970. He was an American non-fiction author, comic book author, and TV show creator. His books are primarily based on legal and political thrillers and conspiracy fiction. He has also written many DC comic book series. Beecher White/Culper Ring Books in Order (3 Books) The Inner Circle (2011) … Read more

Mary Alice Monroe Books In Order

Mary Alice Monroe is famous for writing books dealing with various environmental issues. Her books Swimming Lessons and The Beach House refer to the problems of injured sea turtles. Time is a River is a story about a breast cancer survivor. Last Light Over Carolina is all about the shrimp industry. Monroe has received numerous awards for her works.

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